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This is a supplement to my SciFi/Horror Review page. I am using this page to list all the sci-fi/horror/B-movies that I currently have in my collection. If you are curious about any of the titles you can write me and I will give you a brief synopsis of the film as well as my evaluation of it.

I have tried to arrange the following movies into categories, but this wasn’t always easy to accomplish. Several movies could have been placed in multiple categories, but I decided to list each movie only once and put it into the section that made the most sense to me.

None of the movies listed here are for sale. This page is primarily for my own amusement, and can be used as a guide to the films I may review at my regularly updated weblog, Exclamation Mark’s Vintage SciFi/Horror Review.

The format of the movie (VHS, DVD, and/or BLU-RAY) is listed in the brackets after the title. You can always assume this page is in need of updating.


  1. Astounding She-Monster, The [VHS]
  2. Atomic Submarine, The [VHS]
  3. Attack From Space [DVD]
  4. Battle of the Worlds [VHS]
  5. Beast with a Million Eyes, The [DVD]
  6. Blob, The (1958) [VHS,DVD]
  7. Cosmic Man, The [DVD]
  8. Crawling Eye, The [VHS,DVD]
  9. Cremators, The [DVD]
  10. Day the Earth Stood Still, The [VHS,DVD]
  11. Devil Girl From Mars [VHS,DVD]
  12. Earth Dies Screaming, The [DVD]
  13. Earth vs. the Flying Saucers [VHS,DVD]
  14. Eye Creatures, The [DVD]
  15. Flying Saucer, The [VHS]
  16. Horror Express [DVD]
  17. I Married A Monster From Outer Space [DVD]
  18. Invaders from Mars [VHS,DVD]
  19. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1955) [VHS,DVD,BLU-RAY]
  20. Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) [DVD]
  21. It Came from Outer Space [VHS,DVD]
  22. It Conquered the World [DVD]
  23. Killer Klowns from Outer Space [VHS]
  24. Killers From Space [DVD]
  25. Kronos [VHS, DVD]
  26. Man from Planet X, The [VHS,DVD]
  27. Mars Needs Women [VHS]
  28. Monolith Monsters, The [VHS,DVD]
  29. Night Caller from Outer Space [VHS]
  30. Phantom From Space [DVD]
  31. Robot Monster [VHS]
  32. Target Earth [VHS]
  33. Teenagers from Outer Space [VHS]
  34. They Live [DVD]
  35. Thing, The (John Carpenter’s – 1982) [DVD]
  36. Thing, The (2011) [DVD]
  37. Thing from Another World, The (1951) [VHS,DVD]
  38. This Island Earth [VHS,DVD]
  39. 20 Million Miles To Earth [DVD]
  40. War of the Worlds, The [VHS,DVD]
  41. War of the Worlds, The (2005-Steven Spielberg Production) [DVD]
  42. War of the Worlds, The (2005-Timothy Hines Production) [DVD]
  43. Warning from Space [DVD]
  44. Zontar: Thing from Venus [DVD]


  1. Angry Red Planet, The [VHS,DVD]
  2. Assignment: Outer Space [DVD]
  3. Cat-Women of the Moon [DVD]
  4. Crash of the Moons [DVD]
  5. Destination Moon [VHS]
  6. Doomsday Machine, The [DVD]
  7. First Spaceship on Venus [VHS,DVD]
  8. Forbidden Planet [VHS]
  9. It! The Terror from Beyond Space [VHS,DVD]
  10. Journey to the Seventh Planet [DVD]
  11. Missile to the Moon [DVD]
  12. Phantom Planet, The [VHS]
  13. Planet of the Vampires [DVD]
  14. Project Moonbase [DVD]
  15. Queen of Outer Space [DVD]
  16. Rocketship X-M [VHS,DVD]
  17. Satellite in the Sky [DVD]
  18. Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women [DVD]
  19. Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet [DVD]


  1. Crawling Hand, The (Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment) [VHS]
  2. Green Slime, The [DVD]
  3. First Man Into Space [VHS]
  4. Incredible Melting Man, The [VHS]
  5. Night Of The Blood Beast [DVD]
  6. Quartermass Xperiment, The (The Creeping Unknown) [VHS]


  1. Fantastic Voyage [DVD]


  1. Day of the Triffids, The [VHS,DVD]
  2. From Hell It Came [DVD]
  3. Little Shop of Horrors (1960) [DVD]
  4. Maneater of Hydra [DVD]
  5. Navy Vs The Night Monsters, The [DVD]
  6. Woman Eater, The [DVD]


  1. Crack in the World [DVD]
  2. Day the Sky Exploded, The [DVD]
  3. Last Man On Earth [DVD]
  4. Last Woman On Earth, The [DVD]
  5. Omega Man, The [DVD]
  6. When Worlds Collide [VHS,DVD]


  1. Chosen Survivors [DVD]
  2. Day After, The [DVD]
  3. Day the Earth Caught Fire, The [VHS]
  4. Day the World Ended [DVD]
  5. Five [DVD]
  6. Panic In Year Zero [DVD]
  7. This Is Not A Test [DVD]


  1. At the Earth’s Core [DVD]
  2. Journey to the Center of the Earth [DVD]
  3. Mole People, The [DVD]
  4. Slime People, The [DVD]
  5. Unknown World [VHS]
  6. X the Unknown [VHS]


  1. Flesh Eaters, The [DVD]
  2. Monster from the Ocean Floor [DVD]
  3. Phantom from 10,000 Leagues, The [DVD]
  4. Terror Beneath the Sea [DVD]
  5. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea [DVD]
  6. War Gods of the Deep [DVD]


  1. Clockwork Orange, A [DVD]
  2. “Gog”
  3. Journey to the Center of Time [DVD]
  4. Metropolis [VHS]
  5. Planet of the Apes (1967) [VHS]
  6. Soylent Green [VHS]
  7. Things To Come [VHS,DVD]
  8. Time Machine, The (1960) [VHS,DVD]
  9. World Without End [DVD]


  1. Abominable Dr. Phibes, The [VHS]
  2. Atom Age Vampire [VHS]
  3. Black Friday (1940) [DVD]
  4. Black Sleep, The [DVD]
  5. Blood Creature [DVD]
  6. Bloodlust! [DVD]
  7. Blood of the Vampire [DVD]
  8. Bloody Pit of Horror [DVD]
  9. Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The [DVD]
  10. Corpse Vanishes, The [DVD]
  11. Creeping Flesh, The [DVD]
  12. Dementia 13 [DVD]
  13. Devil Bat, The [VHS]
  14. Doctor Blood’s Coffin [DVD]
  15. Doctor X [VHS, DVD]
  16. Don’t Look in the Basement [DVD]
  17. Embryo [DVD]
  18. Eyes Without A Face [DVD]
  19. Flying Serpent, The [VHS]
  20. 4D Man [DVD]
  21. Halloween [DVD,BLU-RAY]
  22. Horrors of the Black Museum [VHS,DVD]
  23. House that Screamed, The [DVD]
  24. How Awful About Allen [DVD]
  25. Hypnotic Eye, The [DVD]
  26. Invisible Ray, The [DVD]
  27. Island of Lost Souls [DVD]
  28. Lady Frankenstein [DVD]
  29. Lodger, The [DVD]
  30. Mad Love (1935 – with Peter Lorre) [DVD]
  31. Mad Monster, The [DVD]
  32. Maniac (1934) [DVD]
  33. Mask of Fu Manchu, The [DVD]
  34. Mesa of Lost Women [DVD]
  35. Monster Maker, The [DVD]
  36. Night of the Hunter [VHS]
  37. Old Dark House, The (1932) [DVD]
  38. Paranoiac [DVD]
  39. Phantom Creeps, The [DVD]
  40. Rasputin The Mad Monk [DVD]
  41. Re-Animator [DVD]
  42. Return of Doctor X, The [DVD]
  43. Scream and Scream Again [DVD]
  44. She Demons [DVD]
  45. Sisters of Death [DVD]
  46. Someone Is Watching [DVD]
  47. Strangler, The [VHS]
  48. Sweeney Todd (The Demon Barber of Fleet Street) [DVD]
  49. Two Thousand Maniacs (1964) [DVD]
  50. Unearthly, The [DVD]
  51. Unnatural [DVD]
  52. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? [DVD]
  53. When a Stranger Calls (1979) [DVD]


  1. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1920 – with John Barrymore) [DVD]
  2. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931 – with Fredric March) [DVD]
  3. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941 – with Spencer Tracy) [DVD]
  4. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1955 – with Michael Rennie) [DVD]
  5. Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll, The [DVD]


  1. Bluebeard [DVD]
  2. Bucket of Blood, A [DVD]
  3. Hangover Square [DVD]
  4. House of Wax (1953 – with Vincent Price) [VHS,DVD]
  5. How to Make a Monster [DVD]
  6. Mystery of the Wax Museum, The (1933 – with Lionel Atwill/Fay Wray)  [DVD]
  7. Phantom of the Opera (1962-Hammer Production) [DVD]
  8. Theater of Blood [DVD]
  9. Theater of Death [DVD]


  1. Circus of Horrors [DVD]
  2. Freaks [DVD]
  3. House of the Damned [DVD]
  4. Hunchback of Notre Dame, The (1923 – silent film) [DVD]
  5. Vampire Circus [DVD,BLU-RAY]


  1. Atomic Brain, The [DVD]
  2. Brain From Planet Arous, The [VHS,DVD]
  3. Brain That Wouldn’t Die, The [VHS,DVD]
  4. Creature with the Atom Brain [DVD]
  5. Donovan’s Brain [DVD]
  6. Fiend Without A Face [DVD]
  7. They Saved Hitler’s Brain [DVD]


  1. Colossus of New York [DVD]
  2. Tobor the Great [DVD]


  1. Amazing Transparent Man, The [DVD]
  2. Invisible Invaders [DVD]


  1. Bad Seed, The [VHS]
  2. Village of the Damned [VHS,DVD]


  1. Amazing Colossal Man, The [VHS]
  2. Attack of the 50 Ft Woman [VHS,DVD]
  3. Attack of the Puppet People [VHS]
  4. Cyclops, The [DVD]
  5. Devil-Doll, The (1936) [DVD]
  6. Incredible Shrinking Man, The [VHS,DVD]
  7. Village of the Giants [VHS]
  8. War of the Colossal Beast [DVD]


  1. Attack of the Crab Monsters [VHS]
  2. Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, The [VHS,DVD]
  3. Beast of Hollow Mountain, The [DVD,BLU-RAY]
  4. Black Scorpion, The [VHS,DVD]
  5. Earth vs The Spider [DVD]
  6. Food of the Gods, The [DVD]
  7. Giant Behemoth, The [DVD]
  8. Giant Claw, The [DVD]
  9. Giant Gila Monster, The [VHS,DVD]
  10. Gorgo [VHS]
  11. It Came From Beneath the Sea [VHS,DVD,BLU-RAY]
  12. Jungle, The [DVD]
  13. Killer Shrews, The [VHS,DVD]
  14. King Dinosaur [DVD]
  15. Lost World, The [DVD]
  16. Monster that Challenged the World, The [VHS,DVD]
  17. Mysterious Island [DVD]
  18. Night of the Lepus [DVD]
  19. One Million Years B.C. [DVD]
  20. Teenage Caveman [DVD]
  21. Two Lost Worlds [VHS]
  22. Valley Of Gwangi, The [DVD]
  23. Viking Women and the Sea Serpent [DVD]
  24. Yongary [DVD]


  1. Ape, The [DVD]
  2. Ape Man, The [DVD]
  3. Bride of the Gorilla [DVD]
  4. Captive Wild Woman [DVD]
  5. Gorilla, The [DVD]
  6. Gorilla at Large [DVD]
  7. King Kong (1933) [VHS,DVD]
  8. King Kong (1976) [DVD]
  9. Konga [VHS,DVD]
  10. Mighty Joe Young (1949) [DVD]
  11. Monster Walks, The [DVD]


  1. Attack of the Monsters [DVD]
  2. Destroy All Planets [DVD]
  3. Godzilla King of the Monsters [VHS,DVD]
  4. Godzilla’s Revenge [VHS,DVD]
  5. Godzilla vs. Mothra [VHS,DVD]
  6. Godzilla vs. Monster Zero [VHS]
  7. Gojira [DVD]
  8. King Kong vs. Godzilla [VHS]
  9. Mothra [DVD]
  10. Rodan [DVD]
  11. Terror of MechaGodzilla [VHS,DVD]


  1. Attack of the Giant Leeches [VHS,DVD]
  2. Beginning of the End [VHS,DVD]
  3. Deadly Mantis, The [VHS]
  4. Empire of the Ants [VHS]
  5. Monster from Green Hell [DVD]
  6. Tarantula [VHS,DVD]
  7. Them [VHS,DVD]


  1. Alligator People, The [DVD]
  2. Bat People, The [DVD]
  3. Beast Within, The [DVD]
  4. Fly, The (1958) [VHS,BLU-RAY]
  5. Hideous Sun Demon, The [DVD]
  6. Horrors of Spider Island [DVD]
  7. Invasion of the Bee Girls [DVD]
  8. Neanderthal Man, The [DVD,BLU-RAY]
  9. Return of the Fly (1959) [VHS]
  10. Wasp Woman, The [VHS,DVD]


  1. Day of the Animals [VHS]
  2. Eaten Alive [DVD]
  3. Frogs [VHS]
  4. Jaws (30th Anniversary Edition) [DVD]
  5. Kingdom of the Spiders [DVD]


  1. Bride of Frankenstein [VHS,DVD]
  2. Creature from the Black Lagoon [VHS,DVD,BLU-RAY]
  3. Creature Walks Among Us, The [VHS,DVD]
  4. Dracula (1931) [VHS,DVD]
  5. Dracula (Spanish version,1931) [DVD]
  6. Dracula (with Philip Glass score) [DVD]
  7. Dracula’s Daughter (1936) [DVD]
  8. Frankenstein (1931) [VHS,DVD]
  9. Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man [VHS,DVD]
  10. Ghost of Frankenstein [DVD]
  11. House of Dracula [DVD]
  12. House of Frankenstein [VHS,DVD]
  13. Invisible Agent [DVD]
  14. Invisible Man, The [VHS,DVD]
  15. Invisible Man Returns, The [DVD]
  16. Invisible Man’s Revenge, The [DVD]
  17. Invisible Woman, The [DVD]
  18. Mummy, The (1932) [VHS,DVD]
  19. Mummy’s Curse, The [DVD]
  20. Mummy’s Ghost, The [DVD]
  21. Mummy’s Hand, The [DVD]
  22. Mummy’s Tomb, The [DVD]
  23. Phantom of the Opera (1943 – with Claude Rains) [DVD]
  24. Revenge of the Creature [DVD]
  25. Son of Dracula [DVD]
  26. Son of Frankenstein [DVD]
  27. Wolf Man, The [VHS,DVD]


  1. Brides of Dracula [DVD]
  2. Count Dracula and His Vampire Brides [DVD]
  3. Dracula A.D. 1972 [VHS, DVD]
  4. Dracula Has Risen From the Grave [VHS,DVD]
  5. Dracula Prince of Darkness [VHS,BLU-RAY]
  6. Horror of Dracula [VHS,DVD]
  7. Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires, The [VHS]
  8. Scars of Dracula [VHS]
  9. Taste the Blood of Dracula [DVD]


  1. Curse of Frankenstein, The [VHS]
  2. Evil of Frankenstein, The [DVD]
  3. Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell [VHS]
  4. Frankenstein Created Woman [VHS]


  1. Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb, The [DVD]
  2. Mummy, The (1959) [DVD]
  3. Mummy’s Shroud, The [DVD]


  1. Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1993) [VHS,DVD]
  2. Blood of Dracula’s Castle [VHS]
  3. Dan Curtis’ Dracula (tv movie starring Jack Palance) [DVD]
  4. Dracula (1979) [VHS]
  5. Return of Dracula, The [DVD]


  1. 30 Days of Night [DVD]
  2. Blood of Dracula [DVD]
  3. Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter [DVD]
  4. Condemned to Live [DVD]
  5. Count Yorga Vampire [VHS,DVD]
  6. Countess Dracula [DVD]
  7. Crypt of the Vampire (aka Terror in the Crypt) [DVD]
  8. Daughters of Darkness [BLU-RAY]
  9. Dead Men Walk [DVD]
  10. Devil’s Wedding Night, The [DVD]
  11. Fangs of the Living Dead [DVD]
  12. Fright Night [VHS,DVD]
  13. Fright Night Part II [VHS]
  14. Grave of the Vampire [DVD]
  15. Interview with the Vampire [VHS]
  16. Kiss of the Vampire [DVD]
  17. Let the Right One In [DVD]
  18. Lost Boys, The [VHS]
  19. Nosferatu (silent film – 1922) [VHS]
  20. Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979) [VHS]
  21. Return of Count Yorga, The [VHS,DVD]
  22. Return of the Vampire, The [DVD]
  23. Twins of Evil [DVD,BLU-RAY]
  24. Vampire, The [DVD]
  25. Vampire Lovers, The [VHS, DVD,BLU-RAY]
  26. Vampire’s Niece, The [DVD]


  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer [DVD]
  2. Fearless Vampire Killers, The [VHS]
  3. Transylvania 6-5000 [DVD]
  4. Werewolf of Washington [DVD]


  1. Blacula [DVD]
  2. Scream, Blacula, Scream [DVD]


  1. American Werewolf in London, An [VHS,DVD,BLU-RAY]
  2. Cry of the Werewolf [VHS]
  3. Curse of the Werewolf, The [VHS,DVD]
  4. Dog Soldiers [DVD]
  5. Howling, The [VHS]
  6. I Was a Teenage Werewolf [VHS]
  7. Moon of the Wolf [DVD]
  8. She-Wolf of London [DVD]
  9. Undying Monster, The [DVD]
  10. Werewolf, The [DVD]
  11. Werewolf in a Girls’ Dormitory [DVD]
  12. Werewolf of London [VHS,DVD]
  13. Wolfen [VHS]


  1. Blood of the Zombie [DVD]
  2. Carnival of Souls (1962) [DVD]
  3. Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things [DVD]
  4. I Eat Your Skin [DVD]
  5. King of the Zombies [DVD]
  6. Night of the Living Dead (1968) [VHS,DVD]
  7. Plague of Zombies, The [VHS,DVD]
  8. Return of the Living Dead, The [DVD]
  9. Revenge of the Zombies [DVD]
  10. Revolt of the Zombies [DVD]
  11. Shaun of the Dead [DVD]
  12. Teenage Zombies [DVD]
  13. Vengence of the Zombies [DVD]
  14. White Zombie [DVD]
  15. Zombies of Mora Tau [DVD]


  1. Bell, Book and Candle [DVD]
  2. Black Sunday (The Mask of Satan) [DVD]
  3. Bloody Pit of Horror [DVD]
  4. Burn, Witch, Burn [DVD]
  5. City of the Dead [DVD]
  6. Conqueror Worm, The [VHS]
  7. Curse of the Demon [VHS,DVD]
  8. Disembodied, The [DVD]
  9. Devil Doll [DVD]
  10. Devil Rides Out, The [DVD]
  11. Devil’s Daughter, The [DVD]
  12. Devil’s Hand, The [DVD]
  13. Devil Walks at Midnight, The [VHS]
  14. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark [DVD]
  15. Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake, The [DVD]
  16. Horror Hotel [DVD]
  17. Manos The Hands of Fate [DVD]
  18. Night of the Demon [DVD]
  19. Rosemary’s Baby [DVD]
  20. Pyx, The [DVD]
  21. She-Beast, The [DVD]
  22. To The Devil…A Daughter [DVD]
  23. Voodoo Island [DVD]
  24. Voodoo Woman [DVD]
  25. Witches, The [DVD]
  26. Woman Who Came Back, The [DVD]


  1. Abominable Snowman, The [VHS]
  2. Beach Girls and the Monster, The [DVD]
  3. Beast from Haunted Cave [DVD]
  4. Beast of Yucca Flats [DVD]
  5. Blood Tide [DVD]
  6. Creature [DVD]
  7. Creature from the Haunted Sea [DVD]
  8. Curse of the Swamp Creature [DVD]
  9. Gorgon, The [DVD]
  10. Horror of Party Beach, The [DVD]
  11. Indestructible Man [DVD]
  12. Island of Terror [VHS]
  13. Magnetic Monster, The [DVD]
  14. Man Beast [DVD]
  15. Manster, The [DVD]
  16. Monster on the Campus [VHS,DVD]
  17. Mothman Prophecies, The [DVD]
  18. Mystery on Monster Island [DVD]
  19. Night Fright [DVD]
  20. Night Tide [DVD]
  21. Octaman [DVD]
  22. Reptile, The [VHS]
  23. She-Creature, The (1956) [DVD]
  24. Snowbeast [DVD]
  25. Track of the Moon Beast [DVD]


  1. “Asylum” [VHS]
  2. Black Sabbath [DVD]
  3. Creepshow [DVD]
  4. Dead of Night [VHS]
  5. Dr.Terror’s House of Horrors [VHS]
  6. Tales from the Crypt [DVD]
  7. Twice Told Tales [DVD]
  8. Vault of Horror [DVD]


  1. An Evening of Edgar Allan Poe [DVD]
  2. Black Cat, The (1934 with Bela Lugosi & Boris Karloff) [DVD]
  3. Black Cat, The (1941 with Basil Rathbone) [DVD]
  4. Fall of the House of Usher, The [DVD]
  5. House of Evil [DVD]
  6. Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932) [DVD]
  7. Oblong Box, The [DVD]
  8. Pit and the Pendulum, The [DVD]
  9. Raven, The (1935) [DVD]
  10. Tales of Terror [VHS]
  11. Tomb of Ligeia, The [DVD]


  1. Cujo [DVD]
  2. Pet Sematary [DVD]
  3. Salem’s Lot (full-length miniseries) [VHS]
  4. Salem’s Lot (the movie) [VHS]
  5. Silver Bullet [VHS]
  6. Thinner [DVD]


  1. Changling, The [VHS]
  2. Dominique is Dead [DVD]
  3. Fog, The [DVD]
  4. Ghost, The (with Barbara Steele) [DVD]
  5. Ghost and Mr. Chicken, The [VHS]
  6. Haunting, The (1963) [VHS]
  7. Horror Island [DVD]
  8. Innocents, The [DVD]
  9. Invisible Ghost, The [DVD]
  10. Kill, Baby…Kill! [DVD]
  11. Legend of Hell House, The (1973) [DVD]
  12. Nightmare Castle [DVD]
  13. Others, The [DVD]
  14. Screaming Skull, The [DVD]
  15. Shining, The (1980) [VHS,DVD]
  16. Sixth Sense, The [VHS]
  17. Terror, The [DVD]
  18. Terror in the Haunted House [DVD]
  19. Tormented [DVD]
  20. Uninvited, The [VHS]


  1. Bedlam [DVD]
  2. Body Snatcher, The [DVD]
  3. Cat People (1943) [DVD]
  4. Curse of the Cat People, The [DVD]
  5. Ghost Ship, The [DVD]
  6. Isle of the Dead [DVD]
  7. I Walked with a Zombie [DVD]
  8. Leopard Man, The [DVD]
  9. 7th Victim, The [DVD]


  1. 13 Frightened Girls [DVD]
  2. 13 Ghosts (1960) [VHS,DVD]
  3. Homicidal [DVD]
  4. House on Haunted Hill (1958) [VHS,DVD]
  5. I Saw What You Did [DVD]
  6. Mr. Sardonicus [DVD]
  7. Old Dark House, The (1963) [DVD]
  8. Rosemary’s Baby [DVD]
  9. Strait-Jacket [DVD]
  10. Tingler, The [DVD]
  11. Zotz! [DVD]


  1. Bride of the Monster [VHS]
  2. Jail Bait [DVD]
  3. Night of the Ghouls [DVD]
  4. Plan 9 from Outer Space [VHS,DVD]


  1. Amazing Mr. X, The [DVD]
  2. Curse of the Living Corpse, The [DVD]
  3. I Bury the Living [DVD]
  4. Mark of the Vampire [DVD]
  5. Night Creatures [DVD]
  6. Nightmare [DVD]
  7. Night Monster [DVD]
  8. Scream of Fear (aka Taste of Fear) [DVD]


  1. Audrey Rose[VHS]


  1. Crawling Hand, The [DVD]


  1. Undertaker and His Pals, The [DVD]


  1. Frozen Alive [DVD]


  1. Frankenstein meets the Space Monster [DVD]
  2. Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter [VHS]
  3. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians [DVD]


  1. Birds, The [VHS,DVD]
  2. Frenzy [VHS]
  3. Psycho [VHS,BLU-RAY]
  4. Rear Window [DVD]
  5. Shadow of a Doubt [DVD]
  6. ‘Vertigo’ [VHS]


  1. And Then There Were None [DVD]
  2. Atomic City, The [DVD]
  3. Bat, The [VHS,DVD]
  4. Cape Fear (1961) [DVD]
  5. Cape Fear (1991) [VHS]
  6. Chamber of Horrors (1940) [DVD]
  7. Doomed to Die [DVD]
  8. Duel [VHS]
  9. Eyes of a Stranger [DVD]
  10. Ghost Walks, The [DVD]
  11. Girl Who Knew Too Much, The [DVD]
  12. Human Monster, The [DVD]
  13. Knives of the Avenger [DVD]
  14. Legacy of Blood [DVD]
  15. Murder Mansion [DVD]
  16. Scared To Death [DVD]
  17. Vampire Bat, The [DVD]


  1. Abbott and Costello Go To Mars [DVD]
  2. Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein [DVD]
  3. Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man [DVD]
  4. Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer [DVD]


  1. Witching Time
  2. The Thirteenth Reunion
  3. Rude Awakening
  4. Growing Pains
  5. The House That Bled To Death
  6. Charlie Boy
  7. The Silent Scream
  8. Children Of The Full Moon
  9. Carpathian Eagle
  10. Guardian Of The Abyss
  11. Visitor From The Grave
  12. The Two Faces Of Evil
  13. The Mark Of Satan


  1. Night Stalker, The [VHS]
  2. Night Strangler, The [VHS]


  1. The Ripper
  2. The Zombie
  3. They Have Been, They Are, They Will Be
  4. The Vampire
  5. The Werewolf
  6. Firefall
  7. The Devil’s Platform
  8. Bad Medicine
  9. The Spanish Moss Murders
  10. The Energy Eater
  11. Horror in the Heights
  12. Mr. R.I.N.G.
  13. Primal Scream
  14. The Trevi Collection
  15. Chopper
  16. Demon in Lace
  17. Legacy of Terror
  18. The Knightly Murders
  19. The Youth Killer
  20. The Sentry


  1. Appointment On Mars [DVD]
  2. Crystal Egg, The [DVD]
  3. Frankenstein [DVD]


  1. Aerialist, The
  2. Anniversary of a Murder
  3. Brainwave
  4. Captain’s Guests, The
  5. Clown, The
  6. Dark Room, The
  7. Dead Man’s Tale
  8. Dead Part of the House, The
  9. Dead Ringer
  10. Delia
  11. Delusion
  12. Devil’s Laughter, The
  13. Doomsday
  14. Dream, The
  15. Earthquake
  16. Echo
  17. Executioner, The
  18. Explorer, The
  19. Forked Lightning
  20. Front Runner
  21. Gypsy
  22. Hand, The
  23. I Saw You Tomorrow
  24. Inheritance, The
  25. Justice
  26. Last Round, The
  27. Legacy of Love
  28. Lovers, The
  29. Make Me Not A Witch
  30. Message from Clara
  31. Moment of Hate
  32. Night of April 14th
  33. Night of Decision
  34. Open Window, The
  35. Ordeal on Locust Street
  36. Person Unknown
  37. Peter Hurkos Story (Part 1)
  38. Peter Hurkos Story (Part 2)
  39. Return of Mitchell Campion, The
  40. Secret, The
  41. Storm, The
  42. Tidal Wave
  43. To Know the End
  44. Tonight at 12:17
  45. Trap, The
  46. Vanishing Point
  47. Vision, The
  48. Visitor, The
  49. Where Are They?
  50. Who Are You?


  1. The Twilight Zone / Volume 1 [DVD]
    • Night of the Meek
    • The Invaders
    • Nothing in the Dark
  2. The Twilight Zone / Volume 2 [DVD]
    • Time Enough at Last
    • The Monsters are Due on Maple Street
    • Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
    • The Odyssey of Flight 33
  3. The Twilight Zone / Volume 6 [DVD]
    • The Passersby
    • The Grave
    • Deaths-Head Revisited
    • The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank
  4. The Twilight Zone / Volume 10 [DVD]
    • The Last Flight
    • Once Upon A Time
    • A Hundred Yards Over the Rim
    • The Trouble with Templeton
  5. The Twilight Zone / Volume 11 [DVD]
    • The Dummy
    • The Fever
    • Living Doll
    • The After Hours
  6. The Twilight Zone / Volume 12 [DVD]
    • The Trade-Ins
    • Sixteen Millimeter Shrine
    • Mr. Denton on Doomsday
    • The Lateness of the Hour
  7. The Twilight Zone / Volume 13 [DVD]
    • Judgement Night
    • The Purple Testament
    • The Obsolete Man
    • A Quality of Mercy
  8. The Twilight Zone / Volume 14 [DVD]
    • One for the Angels
    • The Man in the Bottle
    • The Arrival
    • In Praise of Pip
  9. The Twilight Zone / Volume 15 [DVD]
    • Escape Clause
    • Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room
    • The Midnight Sun
    • A Kind of Stopwatch
  10. The Twilight Zone / Volume 16 [DVD]
    • And When the Sky Was Opened
    • In His Image
    • The Last Night of a Jockey
  11. The Twilight Zone / Volume 17 [DVD]
    • What You Need
    • What’s in the Box
    • The Mirror
    • The Old Man in the Cave
  12. The Twilight Zone / Volume 18 [DVD]
    • I Shot an Arrow Into the Air
    • Death Ship
    • Still Valley
  13. The Twilight Zone / Volume 43 [DVD]
    • Where is Everybody?
    • The Eye of the Beholder (The Private World of Darkness)
    • A World of His Own
    • A Thing About Machines


  1. Don’t Open Till Doomsday
  2. ZZZZZ
  3. Invisibles, The
  4. Bellero Shield, The
  5. Children of Spider County, The
  6. Specimen: Unknown
  7. Second Chance
  8. Moonstone
  9. Mutant, The
  10. Guests, The
  11. Fun and Games
  12. Special One, The
  13. A Feasibility Study
  14. Production and Decay of Strange Particles
  15. Chameleon, The
  16. Forms of Things Unknown, The


  1. Flash Gordon: Rocketship [DVD]


  1. Akim the Terrible [DVD]
  2. Breath of Death, The [DVD]
  3. Claim Jumpers [DVD]
  4. Deadline at Noon [DVD]
  5. Flash Gordon and the Planet of Death [DVD]
  6. Subworld Revenge, The [DVD]

THE VEIL TV SERIES (Hosted by Boris Karloff – never aired)

  1. Crystal Ball [DVD]
  2. Destination Nightmare [DVD]
  3. Doctors, The [DVD]
  4. Food on the Table [DVD]
  5. Genesis [DVD]
  6. Girl on the Road [DVD]
  7. Jack the Ripper [DVD]
  8. Return of Madame Vernoy, The [DVD]
  9. Summer Heat [DVD]
  10. Vision of Crime [DVD]


  1. Devil’s Wedding Night, The [DVD]
  2. Doomsday Machine, The [DVD]
  3. EEGAH [VHS]
  4. Elvira Mistress of the Dark (Movie) [DVD]
  5. Elvira’s Haunted Hills (Movie) [DVD]
  6. House that Screamed, The [DVD]
  7. Legacy of Blood [DVD]
  8. Maneater of Hydra [DVD]
  9. Werewolf of Washington [DVD]


  1. Edward Scissorhands [VHS, DVD]
  2. Ed Wood [VHS]
  3. Mars Attacks! [VHS]
  4. Sleepy Hollow (2000) [VHS,DVD]


  1. Bride of Monster Mania (hosted by Elvira) [DVD]
  2. Century of Science Fiction, A (5 disc set) [DVD]
  3. Flesh and Blood [VHS]
  4. Gods and Monsters [VHS]
  5. Monster Mania (hosted by Jack Palance) [DVD]
  6. Shadows in the Dark: The Val Lewton Legacy [DVD]


  1. I ave many old and new horror movies on video.d,v,d and it is great collection .

  2. Thanks, Daniel. I like to think of it as a good start.

  3. Where can I purchase on DVD or VHS “Curse Of The Undead” 1959. Starring Eric Fleming and Michael Pate and Kathleen Crowley.

  4. Hey Curtis, I always start at or Ebay. Most of my collection has come from those two sources.

  5. Fantastic collection. Very imipressive. I am looking for a movie about plants that populate the earth (from outer space??) and kill people by spewing this dust-like pollen on people. I believe they are finally vanquished when rain falls to earth. Any idea? Gary Ruder,

  6. Hi Mark, Coolest movie collection! Or should that be 5 !!!!!. Great picture of you too. Finally made it to the library to check it out and I am very impressed with the extent of your “little hobby”. Just looking through the titles and reading some of the reviews brought back lots of memories. Talk to you soon, Marcia

  7. Gary: Sounds like you may be describing The Day of the Triffids, which I have reviewed here. Eventually the Triffids are destroyed by sea water. Let me know if that is the movie you remember. If not, I can do a little more research.

    Marcia! Great to see you made to this page! Now that you can make it here from time to time, I might start adding some fresh reviews. Thanks for dropping by!

  8. I am trying to remember the title of a horror film. Perhaps you can help from the following description?
    It seemed to be set under a church and involved summoning a demon.
    There was a large vertical tube of liquid used to keep some evil thing trapped but the closer the demons appearance – the more the liquid boiled. Finally there were mirrors that the demon could communicate through and finally came out of.

    If you have seen it some of the above must ring a bell!!
    Excellent website- Added to favorites for future use.

  9. Thats quite a collection Mark..and theres always space for more right?

  10. Chris: It sounds a bit familiar, but I’m not sure I’ve actually seen it. If I do come across it, I’ll be certain to post my findings here.

    Iron Inspector: Yes! There is always room for more! October is quickly approaching and so I expect to find more titles released in time for Halloween!

  11. hi everyone, Chis I´ve been looking for that movie too! but I still without knowing the name, if you alredy have it pls contact me. Thanx a lot

  12. Where can I get Caltiki? I haven’t seen it since the early 60’s. Thanks

  13. Tim, try the link below:

    Caltiki The Immortal Monster

    Or, copy and paste this link into your browser:

    Hope that helps.

  14. Hi Mark! Nice collection!

    Hope you don’t mind if I provide a couple of answers for your other guests:

    Ray, the series about the little underwater critters (and thier big brothers!) was called “Surface.” It was cancelled after a year and ended on a cliffhanger. (Aaughh!) I don’t think it’s commercially out yet but I’m sure you can find someone selling copies if you look around. (I’d work something out, but my own are rather imperfect.)

    And Gary (from way back last August), although I agree that “Day of the Triffids” may well be the one you’re looking for, there’s also a very good chance that it’s actually an old Outer Limits episode called “Specimen: Unknown.” It has a couple of the features you mention that Triffids doesn’t, like the pollen and the plants being killed by rain (it also, unfortunately, isn’t one of the better episodes of OL, but I know what it’s like to remember something fondly!). The whole series is out on commercial dvd now…and very reasonably priced.

  15. Jake: By all means, help out whenever you can! I get a lot of requests from readers asking if I can identify movies they vaguely remember from childhood, etc. A lot of times the movies are easily identifiable, however, because of sketchy memories, some of the movies can be hard to tag. Or, as you’ve pointed out above, the “movie” is sometimes something from a tv serial. I like to help whenever I can, but sometimes I’m unable to assist them in their quest. So thanks for providing answers!

    Unfortunately, I think a lot of people seeking answers stop by here, leave their questions, and then never come back to see if they got an answer or not. That’s why I am more likely to do more research if someone sends me an email. At least then I know they will get my answer (or lack of one).

  16. I like to help out when I can, but I usually find I’m way outclassed by others, as far as knowing what’s what! (That’s especially true of the forums on Amazon!)

    By the way, in case Ray does still peek in, “Surface” is commercially available, after all (at least in Region 1).

  17. Hey Jake: It seems that no matter how many films I’ve watched, or how many tidbits I pick up, there’s always a slue of people who know much more about the topic. It’s definitely a genre that inspires people to delve deeper. Thanks for your help, and drop by any time!

  18. Mark et al: I am trying to locate an old movie for a friend in which humans are forced indoors during the day due to a depleted ozone layer. Human exposure to the sun for even a short duration is deadly. Plants proliferate. Somehow, humans end up becoming “merged” with the plants. I was reading the above posts and thought maybe it was the Day of the Triffids or the OL episode, but neither quite match what I was described. Any ideas?

    • Jim!
      I found it!
      I had been looking for it, too. Your description gave me just enough extra to go on.
      It’s called Habitat…

      I had seen it year ago and was trying to remember the title to stump a friend who is almost as bad about sci-fi trivia as me:)
      Been a year since you posted, hope you see this sometime…

  19. Mark,

    Thanks, I really appreciate it!

  20. Hi. I’m placing this on a whim. I’m looking for the names of a couple of movies i saw as a kid and was not allowed to watch through. If you can help that’d be awesome. If not…maybe you can point me in the right direction. I’ve tried searching all over the net no luck.

    Here goes.

    Movie #1 One of the movies I remember being really freaky. One scene I remember is a young girl (possibly a dude too.) walking to a big house behind a graveyard. All the graves are dug up. The next scene I remember is that she’s going through the “house” and maybe being chased. I remember the freakiest part was when someones intestines were being removed from there body (maybe under a black cloth) and floating upward.

    Movie #2 This is a really weird movie I saw around 10-12. It’s about a guy (sorry don’t remember a lot), who lays in these tubes full of water throughout the movie and goes into some sort of trans or something. He seems to go into a different state of mind for a while or changes forms.

    anyway hope you can help!

  21. Kev,
    Second movie could be Altered States, with William Hurt.
    No idea about the first one. Hope this helps.

    Floyd Cadaverous
    Demented Drive In Theater

  22. hello, i hope you can help, I’ve been kicking myself over this sense i was a kid.

    two guys or kids end up in some old mansion where they run into some old ghost who i think looked a lot like Jesse James and a worm who turned out to think it was a dog. anyway they come across some passage way in the house where they find some kind of cave under the house . they find some sort of Chrystal skull and escape. thats about all i can remember, please help end my pain!

  23. Great list.
    I didn’t see World Without End, an early Rod Taylor pre Time Machine.

  24. “The Girl Who Knew Too Much”…is that the Mario Bava film OR the Nancy Kwan/Adam West? If the latter, can I come over to your place for a viewing? I’ll bring good beers and chips….

  25. Well, I’ve seen the Bava film several times, Mark. Howzabout you throw on “World Without End” instead? I haven’t seen those American astronauts blast the mutant cavemen out of the cliffs with their improvised bazooka in many years…one of my favorite movie memories from my misspent youth!

  26. I love your B-movie page. I’m a child of the 1950’s, and grew up watching this stuff at the local theatre; most of this stuff scared the bajeezes out of me as a young kid. Glad to see someone keeping this stuff alive and well and greatly appreciated!

    • Thanks, Roxy! Glad to see you’re enjoying it. By the way, I spent some time in the San Lorenzo / Hayward area after high school. My sister and her family still live in Hayward. I decided to join your “growing up in the bay area” page not only to see old history, but I saw a video posted of one of my heroes, Paul Frees!

  27. Wow! Lend me one! 😉

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