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Night of the Living Dead, 1968

From the DVD case: Inspired by Richard Matheson’s novel, I Am Legend, this grimly realistic 1968 shocker revolutionized the horror film, followed by two sequels (Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead) and many more imitations.

It begins as squabbling siblings Barbra (Judith O’Dea) and Johnny (Russell Streiner) visit their father’s grave outside Pittsburgh, a visit that becomes a nightmare when Johnny is killed by a walking corpse. Soon Barbra and the resourceful Ben (Duane Jones) are besieged along with a family in an isolated farmhouse, as each new victim rises again to pursue the others in its relentless quest for living flesh. (1968, b&w)

Mark says: Talk about recreating a genre, director George Romero really broke the mold with this film. After Night of the Living Dead it became blatantly obvious that directors did not need a large budget to set their audiences on edge; disturbing concepts, high tension, and social poignancy are more than enough.

Duane Jones is excellent in the role of Ben, our protagonist. It is often noted that portraying a black man as hero in a racially charged era was more than a little significant. Immediately social norms are challenged. What’s more noteworthy, though, is that Ben’s color is never mentioned in the film, even by the character (Harry Cooper) who seems he would be the obvious bigot. A wonderful touch, I think.

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