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Night Fright, 1967From the DVD case: When two young lovers are viciously attacked by a hideous monster, Police Sheriff Clint Crawford finds a rocket has mysteriously crashed. Soon, the sheriff realizes that there may be a connection, but it’s too late for Crawford’s partner who becomes yet another victim. It’s now human wit versus monster instincts as Sheriff Crawford devices a plan to [get] rid of the creature and save the town. (1967, color)

Mark says: Night Fright is almost as bad as the DVD blurb describing it.

If not for B-movie legend John Agar (Tarantula, Invisible Invaders) starring as Sheriff Clint Crawford, this movie would not be worth mentioning. However, as a fan of Mr. Agar’s work from the 1950s, it was somewhat entertaining for me to watch him do his stuff again in 1967. I can’t imagine this picture holding any interest for non-Agar fans, though.

Night Fright is almost completely devoid of action. We spend an incredible amount of time with the characters walking through the woods without much happening. The “hideous monster” is reminiscent of the laughable beast from Robot Monster, and we get very few clear shots of him. I predict that the hair-dos are the only things that will scare you in this movie.

Night Fright does have some unintentional amusing scenes, but not enough to make the film worthwhile. Non-Agar fans should stay far away, and even fans of the legend will most likely be disappointed.

Directed by James A. Sullivan.

Scene to watch for: Any scene where the characters aren’t strolling through the woods doing nothing is a welcome relief.

Line to listen for: “Look punk, don’t ever call me ‘fuzz.’ When you talk to me, call me sheriff. Now get out of here!”

Bonus: For some movie stills and a character analysis, click here.

Mark’s Rating: ! ½ out of 5.


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