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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Four Skulls

From the DVD case: The sins of the fathers rest heavily on the heads of the sons – literally – in this fun-filled frightfest that’ll keep you awake and screaming through many a traumatic night. Faced with an age-old family curse that beheaded their forefathers, two brothers attempt to unravel the family plot, even as sinister forces attempt to put them into it! (1959, b&w)

Mark says: The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake was an unknown film to me until a DVD (paired with Voodoo Island) from MGM’s Midnite Movies was released. When I noticed what amateur reviewers were writing at IMDb and Amazon, I started to take an interest. Apparently Four Skulls traumatized many a youthful audience member when it was first released. When a reader wrote me with a similar story concerning his history with the film, I knew I had to give it a view.

The DVD description is not quite accurate, and deserves some clarification. Jonathan Drake is the descendant of a man responsible for a massacre of an Amazonian tribe known as the Jivaro Indians, approximately 180 years ago. Drake’s ancestor (Wilfred Drake) slaughtered every man and male child of the tribe except for the tribal witch doctor, who escaped. The witch doctor placed a curse on the Drake family. Ever since, every male member of the Drake family, at the age of 60, succumbs to death and, more mysteriously, their heads are always removed before entombment. The skulls are eventually returned to the family tomb after each death. It is important to note that the Jivaro Indians are famous for their practice of shrinking heads.

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