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Werewolf in a Girl's Dormitory (aka Lycanthropus) 1961

From the DVD case: A reform school for wayward girls is plagued by monstrous attacks. Suspicion falls on several dubious characters when a death is caused from what appears to be an animal slaying.

The police investigate as to whether the attacks are caused by a beast or a vicious werewolf on the prowl. In the dormitory the girls are in a state of panic and terror.

A nightmare of fiendish horrors! Unbelievable until you see it with your own horror-stricken eyes! (1961, b&w)

Mark says: Not nearly as provocative as the title suggests, this is an Italian/Austrian film dubbed in English. I personally prefer the original title of the movie, Lycanthropus, though I appreciate the camp value of the English version.

This is more of a murder mystery than a genuine horror flick, and sometimes the intricate plot gets in the way of a good werewolf story. The false leads presented in the film become tiresome, and I found myself longing for more scenes involving the actual monster. The werewolf itself is not elaborate, but the make-up is adequate. I doubt any hardcore horror fans will be frightened by this beast, though.

If you are lucky enough to purchase a certain copy of this film, you will be treated to a terrible schlock song, The Ghoul In School, during the opening credits.

This movie stars Barbara Lass, Curt Lowens, and Carl Schell. It is directed by Paolo Heusch (sometimes credited as Richard Benson).

Scene to watch for: The unusually ghastly expression on Mary’s face (the first victim) as the doctor examines her throat wound.

Line to listen for: “You wanted a little love on the sly, then find me a way out of this pig pen!”

Trivia: The pretty lead actress, the late Barbara Lass, was Roman Polanski’s first wife.

Mark’s Rating: ! ! ½ out of 5.



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  1. Thanks for the interesting words on this one, Mark. As I mentioned in my own IMDb comment, this film is hardly the “lycanthropic panty raid” most viewers might be expecting!

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