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From the DVD case: There’s not just one man but armies of men on the moon and they’ve come to take over the Earth – one corpse at a time! Perfecting their body-snatching skills, invisible moon-men have taken over our dead! Can a scientist, a sergeant, and a sexy gal figure out a way to destroy these invading grave robbers and defeat their transparent plot? (1959, b&w)

Mark says: This movie is so stupid you can actually feel your IQ dropping as you watch it. Fortunately for us, sometimes this is exactly what we want from a B picture.

I can’t even begin to list all the things that are wrong with this movie. The entire premise is so ridiculous that my jaw goes slack thinking about it. Men from the moon, who have been living there invisibly for the last 20,000 years, attempt to overthrow Earth by commandeering human corpses. Really. That’s the story.

One of the classic scenes of the “film” is when alien invaders reanimate a corpse and announce their dastardly plans at a hockey game. They don’t announce their plans at the U.N. or some world conference, but at a hockey game. A hockey game! I’m still in shock.

But don’t get me wrong, I have enjoyed this movie many more times than I care to admit. It is great fun and definitely worth a view.

Invisible Invaders stars B movie regular, John Agar (Tarantula, Attack of the Puppet People) as the take-charge Major Bruce Jay. It also features horror film favorite, John Carradine (Bluebeard, House of Dracula), as atomic scientist and corpse, Dr. Karol Noymann. Philip Tonge plays Dr. Adam Penner, an atomic scientist turned pacifist, and the eventual inventor of the weapon that saves the Earth.

Also look for Robert Hutton (The Slime People) as the whiny and cowardly Dr. John Lamont, and Jean Byron plays the campy love interest, Phyllis Penner.

Invisible Invaders is often described as being a cross between Plan 9 from Outer Space and Night of the Living Dead, but predates them both (Plan 9 came out the same year, Night of the Living Dead did not premier until 1968). So it does have a bit of originality going for it.

Fans of camp classics will not be disappointed.

Invisible Invaders is directed by Edward L. Cahn, who also directed, It! The Terror From Beyond Space.

Scene to watch for: Note John Agar as he walks about in his “radiation suit.” It sure doesn’t look very sturdy. In fact, I half expected to see a button up panel in the rear.

Line to listen for: “Joe Annis and his wife drowned two weeks ago, now walkin’ through the fields again. Walkin’ and killin’!”

Mark’s Rating: ! ! ! ½ out of 5.




  1. i hate to admit it…but i saw this when i was about 5 years old and it really scared me! john

  2. John: You know, I never saw this particular movie as a kid. However, one of the reasons I searched it out was because I was getting emails asking about it quite often. It seems this movie really had an impact on people who saw this movie first when they were children.

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