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Attack of the 50 Ft Woman, 1958

From the video case: No one will believe Nancy Archer has encountered an alien from space in the desert one dark night. The local sheriff and her doctor think she’s suffering from hallucinations. Her husband, who’s openly having an affair, wants Nancy committed to an asylum so he can take her money and enjoy a life of lustful luxury. But it becomes quite obvious that Nancy is telling the truth when she turns into a 50-foot woman who soon becomes a towering menace as she seeks out her husband to get even. Driven by her murderous rage, the enormous woman stalks through the town destroying everything in her path, determined to take matters into her own giant hands to satisfy her gargantuan craving for revenge. (1958, b&w)

Mark says: Attack of the 50 Ft Woman stars two 1950s B-movie sex kittens in roles for which they will forever be linked. Allison Hayes (The Crawling Hand) plays the angry 50-foot giant, and Yvette Vickers (Attack of the Giant Leeches) portrays the “other woman,” on whom Allison exacts her revenge.

William Hudson (The Amazing Colossal Man) plays the philandering, and very disagreeable husband, Harry Archer.

This movie is so cheap, it rivals Plan 9 from Outer Space as one of the worst movies ever produced. Of course, I mean that in the most complimentary way. It is a perfect delight to watch. The special effects are horrendous (they especially seem to have trouble depicting giant hands) and the dialog, though not as quotable as Plan 9, is corny and laughable. For example, Harry Archer to his wife: “Now you pulled a boner tonight and you know it!”

Every now and then someone will speak of the great feminist statement 50 Ft Woman makes. Personally, I wouldn’t waste time trying to find any message in this film. You will enjoy it more for what it truly is, a good bad movie.

Every mark I give this movie is for pure camp value.

Attack of the 50 Ft Woman is directed by Nathan Hertz, aka Nathan Juran (The Deadly Mantis, The Brain from Planet Arous).

Scene to watch for: Harry, attempting to give his wife a lethal injection, discovers that she has turned into a large papier mache hand.

Line to listen for: “Astounding growth!”

Note: I’ve never seen the 1993 remake of this movie starring Darryl Hannah, but I can’t imagine it being nearly as fun.

Mark’s Rating: ! ! ! ! out of 5.



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